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Solo and large troupes of Balloon Artists twist balloon animals, hats, swords, Loony Tune, Disney, Poke'mon Tributes and more.  Colorful!  Fast!  You will be amazed!  We also customize beautiful multi-colored balloon arches, unique balloon table centerpieces and unique 4'-10' balloon sculptures to accent your theme.  Our 10' sculptures can be made while the party is ongoing to offer as a great door prize at the end of the party!  We also have large Christmas inflatables with lights for theming your photo backdrops & stage decor!

Solo balloonist:  $100/1 hr.
Duo balloonists:  $175/1 hr.

Customized rates for multiple hours & # of balloonists hired. Affordable prices for balloon arches, giant sculptures, center pieces and inflatables.






Balloon Monsoon 



Balloo_ mask 

Balloon Head Gear 




9 Foot

Balloon Sculpture 



Christmas Inflatables.jpg 






Balloon Hat 





  Giant macaws, cockatoos & more for handling or taking incredible photos or just looking at these beautiful exotic bird exhibits. Colorful & unique for that special theme!  Children & adults love these birds!

Rates start at $200 / hr.with customized rates depending on # of birds, location & length of stay.





Beautiful rainbow & white doves or butterflies are released in the daytime to bless your special event, wedding ceremony, anniversary, baby luau, memorial, renewal of vows or festival.

Just ask for customized rates that will vary on location, date and time.

Giant Bubble Shows can only be booked indoors.  Remember...air drafts or AC venting can NOT interfere with this delicate and amazing production!  

Rate starts at $350 for up to one hour Show.



A huge variety of clowns & wizards for stage shows, activity play areas & interactive strolling at large festivals, baby luaus, picnics, birthday parties, trade shows,  wedding receptions and parades!  These entertainers are so talented!  Some even multi-task!  Besides their Act, they can teach juggling, make balloon animals, face paint, play fun games and lead the bubble parade!

Rates start at $150 per hour per talent.  Rates can also be customized to include a Show plus other novelty tasks requested.
Christmas Clown.jpg Christmas Clown 


 Feather-Fluff-juggling-ball Juggling Clown     

Pookie da Clown

Petting Hen 




Dizanne's Keiki & Family Magic Novelty Act features Rainbow Doves, Bunnies & Guinea Pig Illusions, Comic Roasts, Novelty Juggling, Magic, Audience Participation, Limbo Dance & Bubble Parade + Face Painting, Keiki Temporary Tattoos & Balloon Art options for birthdays, baby luaus, mall events & festivals.  For a special treat for children attending a wedding reception, book Dizanne to entertain them and keep them busy and creative.  Everyone will be happy!

Dizanne's Show starts at $275 for up to 45 min. Show + 15 min. Limbo Challenge + 10 min. Bubble Parade.  Add $25 for Dizanne to dress as Pookie da Clown or Princess Kiana. $25-50 may be added for parties outside Honolulu.


Keiki Magical

Fun Show 





Costume Party 





Bubble Parade 


















We have a huge roster of talented, festively dressed or costumed face painters, air brush, glitter & henna tattoo artists for baby luaus, festivals, promotions, shopping malls, birthdays, military events, weddings & conventions. Remember, even adults love getting their arm or face painted or getting a henna tattoo because henna lasts for a few weeks!

Rates start at $150 per talent per hour & are customized for multiple hour bookings and multiple talents.

 Dolphin Face Painting.jpg




Darth Mall.jpg 

Darth Mall 



Butterfly Tiger Face Painting.jpg 

Butterfly Tiger 




Butterfly Heart Mask 













Bunny Face 




Mardi Gras

Face Painting 







 Henna Bellies 2

 Henna Bellies



















Multi-talented solo to troupes for Stage Shows and Strolling Venues!  Exciting, colorful costumes!  Fire & Glow Balls, Clubs, Sticks, Boxes, Machetes & more with duo talents passing while on unicycle & stilts.  Wow your audience!  Make your party unforgettable!

Customized hourly rates upon request range from $175-325 per talent per hour. We customize rates for Shows to work within your budget. 


Giant Stilt Walker 





Giant Stilt Walker 




Coconuts of Fire

on Stilts 




Wahine of Fire

on Stilts 







The Keiki Korner Deluxe as an exciting hands-on activity area for children features a delightful selection of bunny petting, face painting, keiki tattoos, puzzles, crafts, beads for necklaces & bracelets, bubble play station, small toys, plate spinning, coloring, poi balls, bucket of balloons & pumps, hula hoops, limbo dance, bubble parade for fun or pied pipering the parade to the cake cutting ceremony.  Much more too & easy to package with Dizanne's bonus Magical Fun Show or Fire Magic and Novelty Show.  What a fabulous combo price to surprise your guests.  What a creative way to entertain children and adults.  The Keiki Korner Deluxe is always a crowd pleaser and with our bonus options, you have really upgraded the program's ultimate action and pricing.   

Price starts at $350 for 3 hours.  Add $25 for Dizanne to dress as Princess Kiana or Pookie da Clown.  Add $150 for a nicely dressed assistant.  Add $200 for theme dressed assistant. Add $250 for a skilled assistant.  Add $250 for a Clown assistant.  Add $75 for Dizanne's bonus 30 min. Keiki Magical Fun Show.  Add $150 for Dizanne's bonus 30 min. Magical Fire Show.  $25-50 per talent may be added outside Honolulu.


Hop Scotch






Keiki Tattoos 




Plate Spinning 






Petting a

Baby Bunny 







Unique educational entertainment for festivals, retreats, school parties, university cultural exchanges, birthdays & baby luaus feature Lei Making, Hawaiian Crafting & Hula Demonstrations.  Private or group hula lessons are really fun for children & adults at any party, festival or at home.  Learn the meaning of the dance movements & colors!  Authentic costumes!  Colorful narration!     


Customized rates start at $150 per hour per talent.  Rates will vary depending on flowers available, choice of crafts, # of talents, location and length of program.
 MAGICIANS   Strolling & Stage Magicians, Illusionists & Mentalists too for Magical Variety & Comedy for all occasions tailored to all ages!  Captivate your audience with amazing "sleight of hand" magic.  See forks and spoons bend before your very eyes, watch a lamp levitate or birds disappear!  When you combine incredible magic with comedy and audience participation, the applause will be huge!   Rates start from $150 up to $650 per hour per talent.  Let us create the magic with you and your budget!

Dizanne's Fire Lady Cape Dance

Show Opening

 Alan-Magician Alan's Stage Show     
 Stolling-Magic-Tableside-Alan Alan's Sleight of Hand     
 Strolling Magic bent fork.jpg Travis' Sleight of Hand Bending a Spoon     
 Calvin  Calvin's Bird Illusion    
MAGIC, VENTRILOQUISM & POODLE ACT   ZeZe's very clever Show features a variety of magic tricks, ventriloquism with darling puppets, two trick poodle dogs (Lance & Rocky) + balloons & face painting!  Wow, Bow Wow Kool Costuming & ZeZe's face always decorated.  You can also add her  incredible face painting, air brush tattoos or glitter tattoos to her Show package.    ZeZe's rate is $150 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.  $25 may be added for travel outside Honolulu.
 ZeZe, Rocky, Lance.jpg  ZeZe's Trick Poodle Dogs    
 szZeZe-and-Her-Poodle-Frien Lance & Rockabilly     




  Unique talent roster of Nature's Fantasy Characters, Strolling Mascots & Stilt Walkers to accent your party!  How exciting and different to have your theme mascot stand 10 feet high on stilts to greet guests, pass out party favors, even twirl streamers & poi balls or play catch with your guests.  Fabulous for photos too.  We can customize stage shows & strolling venues too.  Just ask!  For Strolling Mascots, just name the Fantasy Character and we will find it for you!  They are super to greet guests, pass out keiki grab bags, flowers, leis & candy, pose for photos and have fun interaction too.  Mystique, Hawaii's Sea Creature Mermaid, is "bubbles of fun" with her Show of Song, Dance and Participation!        Customized rates range from $175 - $250 per hour per talent.



Mermaid Show


Strolling Mascot 


 Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

& Wench 

Strolling Tributes



 Jack Sparrow

& Wench

Strolling & Show



Princess Kiana

Mascot &

Princess Theme Show 





Female Mime     


Easter Bunny Mascot     


Easter Bunny Mascot     

 Santa Claus.jpg



Santa on a Horse     

 Santa's sleigh.jpg

Santa and His "Sleigh"     


 NOVELTY ACTS   We offer a huge variety of novelty act comics, mimes, jugglers, puppeteers, magicians, clowns, "Yo Yo Man", stilt walkers, fire acts, unicyclists, caricaturists & more!  Choose from the best in Hawaii for your special event, birthday, convention, wedding, baby luau, festival, holiday party, picnic or school program no matter how large or small! Let us help you to create the best roster of talents for your budget and theme.
 PARADES   Since 1991 Dizanne Productions has successfully provided unique, exciting, colorful & reliable talents for Hawaii's major theme events & parades.  From Fire Jugglers to a Bowing Cow, we offer Unique Variety!  How about adding a Mardi Gras Parade band or for Cinco de Mayo or Christmas?  Fabulous Costumes!  Great Prices!  Parade packages are customized to your theme and budget.  Just ask and we will help you dazzle! 
 PETTING ZOOS   Nature's Fascinating Creatures Petting Zoo & Exhibits feature a variety of creatures including a choice of goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, pot belly pig, llama, dog, miniature horse & miniature cow!  Sea creatures & Exotic Bird Exhibits too!  Baby Chicks and Bunnies are a must at Easter Celebrations & "Spring Flings". The Petting Zoo is great for any occasion, festival, school party or fund raiser.  Pony Rides combined with the Petting Zoo are available too.  Just ask for their combo rates!       Petting Zoos start at $450 for up to 3 hrs.  Sea Creature Exhibits start at $175 for the 1st hr..  Baby Chicks & Bunnies Petting Zoo & Exotic Bird Exhibits have customized rates depending on your needs and location.
pettingzoo1 Goats     

Pot Belly, Goats

& Sheep 

 Petting Zoo.jpg Llama     
Petting Cow.jpg Bowing Cow     
Bunny_Petting_with_2_keiki_girls Bunny Petting      
Easter Zoo.jpg Bunny & Baby Chick Petting      

Butterfly Face Painted &

Holding a Bunny  

Baby_Chicks Baby Chicks for Easter Exhibit & Petting     
DP_chickens2 Baby Chicks Easter Exhibit     
Dizanne_Bunnies_ Easter.jpg      
 PONY RIDES   Ponies and horses are truly a special treat at large festivals, birthday parties and baby luaus.  Children & adults love  to ride these magnificent creatures!  The pony staff will make sure you have a safe and fun time.  Parents need to monitor their little ones while our staff helps too!  Ideal in a shaded, grassy area!  Some locations have restrictions, so make sure ponies are allowed at your event location.   9 Horse mechanical Carousels are available too!    Pony rides start at $275/1 hr., $500/2 hrs., $725/3 hrs. for 2 ponies or 1 pony, 1 horse.  Customized packages for multiple hours or when booked with a Petting Zoo.  Carousel rates start at $350 for up to 4 hours.
ponyride  Pony Rides     
 ponyride2 Pony Rides     
 Pony Rides.jpg Pony Rides     




  Unique roster of costumed performers for children parties, schools, malls & festivals feature hand puppet story telling, Princess theme shows plus face painting and balloons and "Galaxy, the Galactic Ambassador" for world harmony educational entertainment for star gazers of all ages.    Customized rates start at $225 per hr. per talent.  Rates will vary per costuming, location and # of talents booked.  






  Book early for Santa & Mrs. Claus for a wonderful Christmas tradition!  Now, if you really want to surprise your family, Santa can arrive on a horse, limousine or '52 Chevy offering candy canes, gifts & Christmas stories!   We customize multiple hour bookings to suit your needs and budget.  Ask about our Christmas Backdrop Decorations & Christmas Inflatables with lights You can also rent a Santa costume if you have your own "Santa" available.  Santa solo starts at $200/1 hr..  Santa and Mrs. Claus start at $250/1 hr.
Santa Backdrop.jpg  Santa Chair Christmas Backdrop